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The Barossa Community

E-waste Disposal

Millions of tons of electronic devices are discarded annually, resulting in a build-up of e-waste. To tackle this growing problem, The Father's Farm collects e-waste and recycles it, giving profits back to the community.

John's Place Program

John's Place is a program that helps at-risk and disengaged youth in the Barossa. It gives them a place to go and something to do. Most importantly, it provides them with hope.

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The Father's Farm is a wonderful place to volunteer and help youth. The people are friendly and welcoming, and they are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience to all who volunteer. 

What We Do

Helping Youth in the Barossa

John’s Place, based at The Father’s Farm in Nuriootpa, provides disadvantaged teenagers with the opportunity to learn essential life skills, such as woodwork, reading, cooking and self-care. In addition, the volunteers at John’s Place work to help the teenagers develop emotional skills, such as empathy, resilience and communication. As a result, John’s Place provides a much-needed safety net for vulnerable young people in the Barossa Valley.

John’s Place

E-waste Recycling

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Our Story

What is The Father’s Farm?

The Father’s Farm is a non-profit organisation that helps at-risk youth get back on track. We provide hands-on learning programs funded by e-waste collection and community support.

Our vision is to create a safe and productive place for at-risk youth, where they can learn about mechanics, woodwork, sustainability, and responsibility. Our mission is to equip our students with the skills they need to be successful adults.

I fell in love with the place the first day I saw what they did here. It can sometimes take a lifetime to work out what you are supposed to do on this earth, but coming to The Father’s Farm as a mentor, I knew I was living my purpose.”

John H


Going to the Father’s Farm is a reason for me to get out of bed every Thursday. Spending time with youth, helping them learn skills – what a great way to spend the day!



As a mentor, I have had the great pleasure of helping youth grow, learn and develop resilience. The kids learn the world is their oyster, and grow in confidence, learning to connect with people of all ages. It is an amazing program.



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