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Make a difference

There’s something special about the Barossa. It’s a unique community where people come together to help others and make a difference in their lives. The Father’s Farm is one of those places. It’s a space where young people can learn life skills, hands-on, through woodworking, metalwork, cooking, and similar programs. It’s a place where they can improve their mental health and resilience.

Volunteers are the key to making The Father’s Farm work. Time spent with youth who visit John’s Place not only improves their mental health and resilience, but also assists in setting them up for future success. It’s truly gratifying work.

For those who have more time on their hands, or prefer to help out in other ways, our e-waste program is always looking for volunteers to help with recycling.

John’s Place

E-waste recycling

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I fell in love with the place the first day I saw what they did here. It can sometimes take a lifetime to work out what you are supposed to do on this earth, but coming to The Father’s Farm as a mentor, I knew I was living my purpose.”

John H


Going to the Father’s Farm is a reason for me to get out of bed every Thursday. Spending time with youth, helping them learn skills – what a great way to spend the day!



As a mentor, I have had the great pleasure of helping youth grow, learn and develop resilience. The kids learn the world is their oyster, and grow in confidence, learning to connect with people of all ages. It is an amazing program.



Get Involved. Make a difference.